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Vision for Westfield

The natural progression is usually crawl, walk, then run. In its brief history as a city, Westfield has enjoyed the good fortune to be a place that many want to call home. This has resulted in rapid, sustained growth. Thus forcing this young city to grow at a sprinter's pace before it was able to be steady on its own feet. It is critical that City Council and the administration work together to implement the appropriate policies and procedures to create a highly productive, functional city that has the processes in place to prosper for generations to come.

    Top Priorities



In addition to implementing policies and procedures for transparent governance Scott will focus on the following priorities:

  • Responsible financial stewardship

  • Accelerate infrastructure improvements

  • Preservation of green space

  • Updating of both the UDO and Comprehensive Plan

  • Invest in Economic Development Department

  • Maximizing profitability of Grand Park

  • Funding the needs of WFD and WPD

  • Improve TIF strategy that currently diverts funding away from schools and first responders


Scott and his family truly understand how blessed they are to call Westfield home.  Serving on City Council is a way that he will contribute to the continued prosperity of Westfield, while standing firm for his neighbors.  Scott is committed to rejecting big government, bloated spending, special interests, and pet projects, all while  demanding transparency.


Scott will continue to represent the taxpayers properly - always listening, while keeping a clear focus on the big picture.  He will work hard to ensure the brightest of futures for the community we all call home.


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