Vision for Westfield

In 2001, Scott and Karla chose Westfield as the place to raise their family.  They have been blessed to become part of this wonderfully unique, close-knit community : a community that truly feels like family.  As Westfield grows, it is critical that it does not lose its identity. 

Through responsible, well planned, and innovative development, Westfield needs to continue to be the place where families choose to live out their own version of the American Dream.  A place that stands out amongst local communities and is nationally recognized for its quality of life.  It is, however, imperative that this does not come at the cost of losing its uniqueness, or at the expense of unnecessary burden on the taxpayers.

Top Priorities:

  • Diversification of Tax Base -  A commercial business- based strategy needs to be developed and pursued to attract top paying jobs and opportunities for the Westfield community.  Commercial growth must be a priority to balance the tax base.

  • Maximization of Grand Park - Whether you were initially for it or against it, Westfield is home to one of the largest sports' campuses in the United States.  This facility needs to be utilized as an economic driver to attract complimentary businesses that build the commercial tax base for Westfield. 

  • Cultivation of Communication Between City and Schools - Population growth directly impacts the ability of the schools to educate Westfield's next generation.  Communication and planning between the city government and school administration must be an integral part of any community planning going forward.