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Common Sense Approach

To determine the best, most reasonable path forward, we must first know exactly where we are.  We must also have a clear understanding of where we want to go.  Only then can we devise a plan for arriving at our destination.  Without these basic understandings, the best that we can expect to do is to make reactive decisions along the way.  We must be able to anticipate challenges well in advance to ensure that we are positioned to handle them properly. 



Top Priorities

  • Westfield’s Comprehensive Plan must be clarified and adhered to.  The plan itself calls for follow-up to better define the details within the plan.  This follow-up has not yet happened.

  • Before any additional neighborhoods are approved, we must have clarity on the inventory of both, existing and already approved housing.

  • All decisions for the City must first consider the impact on our schools.  Both the impact on our schools’ capacity and our ability to properly fund our schools.

  • Whether by way of excessive work load, or by diverting much needed funding.  Our growth must not put unnecessary burden on our first responders and infrastructure.

  • By design, it is the job of the City Council to approve budgets, and vote on issues that involve indebtedness of the taxpayer, yet the Council lacks a Finance Committee.  This needs to change. 

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