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A Voice for the Taxpayer

Far too often government spends taxpayer dollars far too carelessly. Unfortunately, this happens even at the local level. Scott believes this is, in part the result of politicians putting their needs, wishes and egos ahead of those they are supposed to represent. Politicians usually rely on donors to financially support their campaigns.  Once in office, sadly, the focal point is not transparent governance, instead the focus is re-election. This often results in bloated spending on pet projects to "repay" favors.  This is exactly what makes politics such an ugly experience. Scott believes that serving the taxpayers at the local level should be about talking to neighbors and serving their needs, and elections should not be about who can raise, then waste the most money on a campaign. This is the reason that he has refused to accept donations from any developers or legal firms. Scott will not be beholden to anyone other than the taxpayers he represents.

Follow the Money

Easily see who has a financial interest in each candidate running for local office this year by reviewing the Hamilton County Campaign Finance Index.  Simply search by candidate's last name.

End wasteful spending and backward thinking

  • Current administration admitted to knowing at time of approval, that Grand Junction could not be constructed as promised for the price that was presented. When asked why they didn't admit this prior to funding approval they replied, "because that would have gone over like a lead balloon." - In other words, their project was more important than transparency

  • Current administration has wastefully used taxpayer dollars on excessive unwarranted lawsuits. More than $475,000 wasted. The only result was the enrichment of attorneys.

  • Current administration has been reluctant to embrace the change of increased transparency that has been pushed forward by this City Council. Instead, change was resisted. In fact,  Mayor Cook stated, "I want to assure you all that a lot of efforts are being made in this whacky political game to replace a lot of council members come May."

  • Scott's opponent is a lobbyist who has accepted significant contributions from developers, Cook Management, Bullpen Tournaments, and a variety of law firms. In fact, his single largest  campaign donor to date is the City's own legal firm.

The future of Westfield is bright. That future starts now. Fortunately, voters have the opportunity to send a message to the incoming administration.  A clear message that the days of wasteful spending and backward thinking are done. Send the message that the taxpayers matter.  Send the message that transparency matters. A vote for Frei sends this message.  Scott has a proven track record as a City Councilman, representing the taxpayers and pushing transparency.  With a new administration there is a great opportunity for significant improvements in local government. Vote to return a proven leader that will stand for what is right.  Vote Frei.

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