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About Scott

In 2001 Scott and his wife, Karla chose Westfield as the place to raise their five children.  Soon their youngest child will become their fifth to graduate from Westfield High School. Both Scott and Karla have been actively involved in the Westfield community in a wide variety of ways.  From coaching youth sports, leading and mentoring youth from their church, to community service, the Freis understand the importance of putting others first.  Scott and Karla know  that they are truly blessed to call Westfield home, and they believe that the future of Westfield is very bright.  It is with this understanding that Scott decided to get actively involved in local government.  In 2019 he was elected to Westfield City Council with a commitment to bring transparency to local government, and to be the fiscally responsible voice of the taxpayers.


Commitments Made.  Commitments Kept.

Despite working with an administration that was opposed to change, Scott was able to effect positive change for the taxpayers of Westfield, increasing transparency along the way.

Accomplishments Include:

  • Creation of the City's first-ever Finance Committee Scott serves on this committee. The purpose of the Finance Committee is to provide transparency and governance over the City's finances.

  • Quarterly Budget Updates - Required the administration to provide quarterly budget updates at City Council meetings. This affords the taxpayer the opportunity to see where their money is being spent.




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  • Grand Park - Scott helped lead a deep-dive into Grand Park finances.  This ultimately resulted in correction of a "handshake" agreement between GP and the administration, and an MOU allowing Westfield residents to visit GP without paying gate fees.

  • Ending Ridiculous Lawsuits - Leading the charge to halt funding for the Mayor's lawsuits.  Bringing an end to the Mayor's wasting of hundreds of thousands taxpayer dollars.

  • Funding First Responders - Scott voted to approve funding for all WPD and WFD needs to keep up with a rapidly growing city. Including $13.8M for a new WFD HQ, plus funding for the early planning stages for new WPD HQ.

  • Six Million Dollar "Loan" Repayment - Several years ago the City of Westfield "loaned" Grand Park six million dollars. This "loan" had no repayment plan and was not interest bearing. Scott voted to force the repayment of this loan.  Prior to this, the City received $0 in repayment.  Now the City will receive repayment in full by the end of 2023.

  • Creation of Housing Inventory Report - Worked with Community Develop Department to create Westfield's first-ever inventory of existing housing and currently approved, not yet built homes. It is vital to have this information for planning future growth.

  • Transparency Ordinance - Scott help get an Ordinance approved that requires City Council members to acknowledge if they accepted corporate campaign contributions over $1,000 from a petitioner before voting on their project.


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